Senggigi Art Market

A crafts center which is located in the heart of the tourist area of Senggigi beach in West Lombok is quite complete supplying various products of Lombok specialty. Located adjacent with one of the best five star hotels in Senggigi, you can visit this place almost all the time. Some of the shops in this location are also used as offices of several travel tours or money changer service. Smaller shops encircling displaying their products, ensures your ease to find the products you want and need.

In addition to the stores, many merchants-peddlers occasionally rest on one fence or parapet. Despite being the art market, right in the middle of the market place, there is a circular concrete space with chairs and a small stage. This space is often used as a venue for art performances of traditional Sasak (Lombok Island’s largest tribe) or performances of art from a variety from art galleries of Mataram City.
Equipped with a mosque as well as some clean public toilets, Senggigi Art Market is also a local tourist destination. This is due to the beach spot located just behind the market that becomes the alternative of ending moment of walking on the shoreline of Senggigi. Today, the mini dock has also been provided – becoming the entrance of the tourists who want to have private tour or berthing location for transiting visitors from other tourist locations such as Bali or gilis around the island of Lombok.

For the selection of culinary tourism, in addition to cafes with west menus, you can also enjoy a unique culinary Lombok such as as assorted satay (Tanjung fish satay, pusut satay, bulayak satay) and Pelecing Kangkung or Urap sayur (usually from sprouts, string beans and boiled kangkung) at the lesehans at the entrance of this art market every day. The price of one portion of Lombok food watering your mouth is from twenty thousand or more.
Negotiating the price is quite acceptable to the majority of traders in this location, so you have the opportunity to get souvenirs of Lombok at the best price.

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