Rinjani Trekking 4D-3N via Senaru


For those of you who are interested to visit the second highest mountain in Indonesia in which its beauty has been famous in foreign countries, the following is an itineray tour with long visiting time 4 days – 3 nights you can choose. You will depart from Sembalun Lawang village, the village is known to have a fresh panorama with a really cool atmosphere. You will pass many green pastures that are really fascinating before reaching Plawangan Sembalun. To facilitate the first day of your trip, it is better for you to stay at a hotel around the area the foot of Rinjani Mountain, in the village of Senaru or Sembalun before you start your trip on the first day.



After eating breakfast at the hotel at 6.30-7.00am, our guide will pick you up from the hotel to check out and you will be driven to the Sembalun village with travel time of 45 minutes to 1 hour. At around 8:00 to 8:30, your guide will register before climbing. The climb will start from the Sembalun village leading to the Post 1 Monitoring (1.300mdpl) with a travel time about 2 hours. Arriving at the post 1, you will rest for 5-10 minutes. Then, you will proceed to Post 2 (Tengengean 1500m asl).

Travel time from Post 1 to Post 2 is approximately 1 hour through the hills and valleys dominated by savanna that will make your trip sweating by the sun. In Post 2, you will rest for 5 to 10 minutes before proceeding to the Post 3 (PadaBalong 1.800m asl). Here the group will rest for two hours while waiting for the lunch prepared by the guide and the porters. Drinks such as hot tea, coffee, milk or lemon tea will be served to you and as a complement, fresh fruits such as pineapple; banana etc. will be presented to accompany your lunch. After 2 hours of rest and lunch, you will continue the journey to Plawangan Sembalun (2.639m, asl) with a travel time approximately of 3 hours. Arriving at Plawangan Sembalun, you can enjoy warm coffee/ tea accompanied by the beautiful Segara Anak Lake and Sunset View from the top of Rinjani Mountain. You will spend the night in Plawangan Sembalun.


2.30 AM in the morning, you and guide have to be up and ready to get to the summit. It is done in order to be able to enjoy the morning sun (sunrise) on the summit of Rinjani Mountain (3.726 masl). Before you begin your journey, you will be served with coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate and snacks. The trip will take 3 hours 20min from Plawangan Sembalun. The track it quite hard, because you will walk on the crater rim with mediocre safety, the terrain of sand, stone, soil last 200 meters in the elevation. But the rough terrain will be paid pay off with beautiful natural scenery in the Rinjani Summit.

Views of Agung Mountain in Bali, Tambora Mountain in Sumbawa will be obvious when the weather is nice in the morning. 30 minutes after enjoying the sunrise, you will be invited to go down to the camp with a travel time approximately of 1 hour. It is much easier compared to when you climb. When arriving at the campsite you will enjoy a second breakfast, then we pack up to continue our journey towards Segara Anak Lake, and it takes about 3 hours. This terrain is very steep and sometimes slippery, so your trekking guide will usually instruct to be extra careful. Never walk before your trekking guide give you instructions, walk close to your guide or porter for the safety and comfort of your journey.

Once arriving in Segara Anak Lake, we immediately rest and walk 10 minutes to the hot spring. You can soak to restore muscles tense after making a trip to the summit here. Once you are satisfied soaking in the hot springs, you will return to the group for lunch, and we will enjoy it near Segara Anak Lake with bluish water. After lunch you have free time that can be utilized by fishing in the Segara Anak Lake. The fish that can be found here are such as tilapia and kiper (local fish). While you are fishing, guides and porters we will put up a tent for you to sleep at night. You can you make a good dinner menu with the fish that you caught. You can enjoy the beauty of the evening sky above Rinjani while grilling fish on the shores of Segara Anak Lake.

Day 3: Lake Segara Anak – Plawangan Senaru

In the morning, you can still go fishing and enjoy the fish you caught. By noon, guides and porters will pack your luggage. After lunch you will leave Segara Anak Lake and head straight to Pelawangan Senaru with a travel time approximately of 3 hours. This terrain is very steep and rocky so you really have to be extra careful. Again, you will go through an exhausting trip, but your exhaustion will be paid at the time when you get to Pelawangan Senaru with sunset view over the beauty of the three Gili who become the prime tourist spot in North Lombok namely Gili Meno, Air and Trawangan, as well as bonus view of Mt. Agung on the island of bali. You will have your dinner and camping here.


In the morning around 08:00 to 08:30 you will enjoy a breakfast accompanied by the beautiful scenery of the Segara Anak Lake and smoke coming out of Anak Gunung Baru. After breakfast, you will proceed to the village of Senaru by walking in the tropical forest that is very dense so that we do not get sun burnt. You will walk down leisurely with travel time approximately 4-5 hours and we will pass resting posts: post-3, Post 2 and Post extra. We will get lunch around the post 2 or Post Extra in the forest border. Around 1 pm, you are going to the Senaru Village. If we have enough time and you are interested, you can continue the trip to visit two beautiful waterfalls in the Senaru: Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile. After spending time until you fell satisfied there, you will be driven to the hotel where you will say good bye to our guide, and the package is complete.

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