Nasi Balap Puyung

Nasi Balap Puyung
For the last ten years, the social media accounts introduce, try or just tell this delicious culinary virally. In effect, this menu becomes increasingly easy to find in any region in tourist locations throughout Lombok Island. The menu is initially only available in one of the stalls in Puyung village, Central Lombok. The location is close to the center of weaving in the village of Sukarara.

This menu, which is like nasi rames, highlights a very spicy taste sensation. Which makes it distinctive, complementary side dishes are required in every serving. A plate of warm rice is accompanied with a side dish of fried chicken pieces, beans stir fried; a dash of soy beans fried, dried tempeh and all spicy flavour both from spicy long beans stir fried or dried tempeh. The all spicy side dishes are also added with spicy fried chilli given separately.
Menu selection of dishes is sometimes given with some sort of jerked beef. In Lombok it is better known as rarit. But due to the high cost of beef at this time, usually Nasi Balap Puyung is not always offered with rarit.

For foodies who are less comfortable with a spicy taste, may request the serving with separate sauce.
This culinary is generally subject to price tens to tens of thousands per serving (one plate or one pack). The price can be more expensive if the side dish is rarit (jerked beef) or if you request to add bebalung. In four districts of Lombok Island, it is quite easiy to find food stalls that provide this culinary. So, if you’ve addicted to the spiciness of Nasi Balap Puyung, you no longer need to worry. You do not need to go to Puyung village in Central Lombok to get a serving of this menu.

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