Lombok TShirt

T-shirts for souvenirs from tourist areas is simple, Lombok t-shirt is also available for a wide range of quality. Some of the common image that became a distinctive marker of Lombok t-shirt, including gecko (gecko), berugaq (typical building of Lombok with reed roofs or braided palm leaves), the girls dressed in typical traditional Sasak (the largest race or tribe on the island of Lombok) and cidomo ( modes of transportation like andong horse carriage).

More images themes are some peculiarities marker landmark of tourist destinations of Lombok like Segara Anak Lake on Rinjani Mountain, Silhouette of three gilis in the northern part of the island of Lombok, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno.

The largest trade center in Lombok, Cakranegara market precisely provides a wide selection of Lombok t-shirt. The price ranges from tens of thousands rupiah to hundreds of the best quality materials and screen printing, t-shirt has also a variety of sizes. Following the trend, you can even order couple or family t-shirt with print of Lombok t-shirt as your choice.

In this Cakranegara market anyway you could buy Lombok t-shirt on a large scale. Serving large transactions and retail, price negotiation is still possible. Negotiating the price can not be done if you shop at the boutiques or online sellers. Usually the price listed is already fixed price.

These T-shirts are also generally sold in almost all tourist spots in the corners of the island of Lombok, though of course the quality variant, color and pattern is not complete if you shop in shopping centers. Especially in its most comprehensivemarket namely Cakranegara as described above.

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