LCC Mall Mataram

Located on extensive land on the main track of administrative border of Mataram Municipal and West Lombok district, precisely on the street in Narmada, superblock LCC (Lombok City Center) will be accessed easily from any location on the island of Lombok.

Superblock LCC is indeed a complex built into super complete complex, starting from the shopping center, an exclusive residential complex and the best business center in Lombok. One of them is a meeting room that can accommodate up to five thousand participants – a capacity that will become a magnet for businessmen, even at international level.

The shopping center will be equipped with the best Indonesia store tenants, is believed to absorb thousands of workers of the NTB (West Nusa Tenggara) generally, the residents of the island of Lombok in particular.
The business center will also be equipped with the best facilities for accommodation support, and very easy access because it is in one location with other facilities.

Service options of international hospitals in Lombok become more complete because the management of LCC also builds this facility. NTB community and every visitor who spend time in Lombok will be more comfortable with the support of all the facilities of the superblock LCC.

Three mega malls above will make Lombok not just as a tourist destination, but it becomes an island that provides comfort, convenience and complete facilities. Lombok people have to be proud and jointly support each of the mega malls optimalization. Providing the best service if there are relatives becoming workers in each of these shopping centers, or at least keep the existing public facilities remain in good shape, so that the convenience of visitors remains on top priority. Hopefully

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