Getting There

Access to Gili Kesun and Gili Kondo Complex in East Lombok
The location of Gili Kesun at the northwestern tip of Lombok Island can indeed only be accessed using motorcycle or car rent. You can choose to cross to the gilis location from Lembar harbour or villages in Sekotong, West Lombok. The range rate for boat rental should be discussed in advance, and the agreement to stop by in what gilis. You can get the rent ranging from 250 thousands, or more, depending on how long you spend and how many gilis you want to visit.

For the location of Gili Kondo, if you want to directly visit it soon after landing in BIL Praya, Lombok ,you can use Damri that will take you to the Pancor terminal, East Lombok. Another option, you do not have to get off at the Pancor terminal, you can also ask to get off at the intersection of Masbagik market then proceed to Gili Kondo with charter public transport. The best option is, chartering a car directly at the airport that also accompany your trip in East Lombok. Charter price generally follows the car rental rates that can differ depending on the type of car used. Some web of rental car in the city of Mataram could be used as a reference.

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