Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang (Taliwang Chicken)
Actually there are two places named Taliwang: one in the area of Cakranegara, Mataram; one more in the region of Sumbawa, a separate island from Lombok but still in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. This culinary despite having two different regional names, but ultimately it has its own characteristics. The one that becomes the Lombok Culinary is of course Ayam Taliwang menu with typical recipes that handed down from generations to generations from Taliwang Cakranegara.

One of the big families owning this recipe also consistently continues the family business by opening Ayam Taliwang restaurants in big cities in Java. The main ingredient is young chicken. The chicken is then grilled with roasted spices that have been grinded. During the combustion process, the seasoning is applied repeatedly so that the seasoning is pervasive perfectly. When it is ready to serve, grilled chicken comes with two choices of dip sauce: small plate of red chili sauce and other small plate containing a yellow sauce.

Although the yellow sauce is said not to be spicy, basically it still tastes quite spicy, especially for you who do not like spicy food. So, try a little first, because when the chicken is grilled it also has quite spicy taste.

Ayam Taliwang is almost always served with Pelecing Kangkung and Beberoq Terong. But you also can find the serving of this culinary along with a bowl of vegetable soup a la Lombok. Generally, the vegetable soup is spinach or green beans with a few slices of round eggplant. The vegetable soup is simply seasoned with salt, flavouring and basil leaves. It can be regarded as a counterweight and antidote of spiciness from Ayam Taliwang, Pelecing Kangkung and

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